RTMotion 电影级控制系统

    • RTMotion Lens Control System (MK3.1)

      • The RTMotion LCS (Lens Control System) gives you solid, reliable, precision wireless control of cinema and still-camera lenses. The product range is specifically designed to enable a low-cost entry point (single Motor), with a broad expansion capability (FIZ, thumbwheels and more).

        • Super-low weight system.
        • Powerful, near-silent Motors.
        • Unequaled 1.5Km range. FHSS interference immunity.
        • 3x Motor control as standard. Add additional Motors as needed.
        • Simultaneous 4 Axis control as standard (Knob, Slider, A and B), 6 with optional force-joystick.
        • Integral protected antennas to help prevent damage.
        • Precision machined from aerospace grade aluminium billet.
        • Automatic and manual (softstop) calibration.
        • Unique calibration algorithm and torque control to protect lenses.
        • Full 16bit digital transmission.
        • No noticeable latency, 2ms.
        • Run-stop support for ARRI, ALEXA, Red EPIC, Red ONE, Sony F55, Phantom Flex, LANC, Blackmagic etc.
        • Support for 2x thumbwheels.
        • Firmware updatable (OSX/PC).
        • FCC/IC/CE Certified wireless.
        • 2 years warranty.

      Hand Made in the UK

      Our skilled craftsmen hand-assemble and test every single part here in the UK.



        • OLED screen with easy to use menu system.
        • Simultaneous control of all axis.
        • Fluid feel control knob (adjustable).
        • Low battery warning.
        • 42 selectable wireless channels.
        • Support for wired-mode operation, for when RF is not allowed (hospitals, etc).
        • Removable Canon LP-E6 battery with 36 continuous hours runtime.
        • Lanyard mounting point.
        • 3x 1/4-20 UNC mount points.



        • World's smallest lens control Receiver- 100x32x23mm (inc. antenna cap), 118g.
        • Support for 3x Motors as standard.
        • Auxiliary port for 2x analogue inputs, trigger and digital serial communication.
        • Intelligent camera triggering circuitry: Run-stop support for ARRI, ALEXA, Red EPIC, Red ONE, Sony F55, Phantom Flex, LANC and Blackmagic.
        • 2x 1/4-20 UNC mount points.


        • Fast, accurate, quiet, powerful and smooth.
        • World's first brushless vector drive lens Motor - faster response, smoother, quieter, high resolution encoder, no cogging, no sparking, 4x the service life of brushed motors.
        • Strong, thin and flexible 3mm cables allow for reduced weight, less strain, and easier routing.
        • Support for 15mm/19mm rods, good height adjustment, full range of gears available.
        • Unique adjustable compensation for zero-backlash and perfect accuracy even on worn lenses.
        • Adjustable Motor response for silky smooth to quick and sharp moves.
        • Drive gear can be mounted on either side.
        • Lightweight and compact- 115mm x 40mm x 26mm, 212g,
        • 2.2Nm (max allowable torque).