Cmotion compact ONE


    compact ONE

    The easy-to use one motor system

    The compact ONE is an easy-to use one motor LCS, which comes ready to shoot with either ARRI`s CLM-4 or CLM-5 motor, offering start/stop cables for most standard cameras.

    Easy-to-use at a low price

    compact ONE is the ready-to-use entry level one axis control system from cmotion. Both the camin and the hand controller follow the same design as the regular compact LCS, making it the most ergonomic system in this competitive price range. 

    The single page menu clearly displayed on the integrated 2.3” screen guarantees an easy plug and play set-up and includes features such as automatic and manual motor calibration, adjustable digital lens limits, motor torque adjustment, direction control and run/stop command. 

    Each compact ONE set is supplied with either a CLM-4 or CLM-5 motor. With a total on-board weight of less than 600g (with CLM-4 motor), compact ONE is the ideal system for any stabilizing system. Additional run/stop cables are available for ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, Red and Sony.
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    compact ONE hand unit

    Constructed using quality materials and available in ergonomic configurations for either right or left handed operators, the compact LCS hand unit breaks the mould with its integrated 2.3” color screen capable of displaying data and menu options even in direct sunlight. Thoughtfully laid out function buttons make navigating the menu settings quick and easy.

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    compact ONE camin

    The compact camin is a small and lightweight wireless box that can be mounted anywhere on or near the camera.
    Using just 3 connectors, the compact camin provides an interface for:

    • power

    • control one CLM-4 or CLM-5 motor

    • universal interface for camera run/stop control for  today's popular cameras

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    ARRI CLM-motors

    The compact ONE is offering highest performance with ARRI`s CLM-motors. Operators have the choice between the small, but fast CLM-5 motor or the higher torque CLM-4 motor, to drive stiffer lenses.

    technical data


    weight of hand unit
    677 g including battery and marker ring
    weight of camin
    156 g
    weight of motor
    249 g (CLM-4), 145 g (CLM-5), including clamp
    wireless frequency
    2.4 Ghz
    wireless range
    up to 30m (100 feet) indoor, 150m (490 feet) outdoor 
    wireless channels
    8 channels
    environmental requirements
    from -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)
    operational hand unit with fully charged battery
    up to 8 hours
    transmission delay
    Software update via USB
    maximum axis control
    one motor
    hardwired operation possible
    Yes (via LBUS cable from hand unit to camin)
    same function for left and right handed operator
    Yes (option for cous knob on the right or left side when ordering, please contact sales@cmotion for more information)
    independent wireless control units
    display on hand unit
    3.2" color TFT
    Start/stop function
    ARRI, RED, Sony,  Canon, Black Magic
    set direction of motor
    set torque of motor
    set digital lens limits
    manual calibration (for lenses without hard stops)
    shows battery and connection status
    hand unit: Le 4p, USB
    camin: Le 4p, Le 10p (EXT), Le 7p (motor)
    motor compatibility
    CLM-4, CLM-5 (with Le 7p connector)
    power supply hand unit
    battery, 2400mAh 7.2V
    power supply camin / motor
    from 14V to 32 V